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Enterprise Management Software 


Most Business-IT systems are inherited and evolved from legacy setup, which very often many companies do not have in-depth visibility on how the system was setup, the inter-connectivity between systems, applications, services; the underlying elements that is supporting the business, tangled with the on-going operation tasks, unforseen changes.  These are the main obstacles limiting IT organization to react and support dynamic business today. 


In order to drive better business outcome through technology, companies are looking to increase alignment between IT and line-of-business owners. As a result, many forward-looking organizations are focusing on strategic Business-IT optimization initiatives. Through these initiatives, a common goal can be established, measured and benchmarked. With that, IT can further accelerate companies' revenue and customer satisfaction, quality of delivery, operation excellence, productivity effectiveness, reduce cost, improve ROI of automation yet maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate risk.


HP Software has the right foundation to assist companies achieving better business outcome while NH2, being the pioneer in adopting HP Software in Malaysia, we have the right expertise and resources to consult and deploy HP software. Our methodology starts from understanding customer requirement and prioritize, deveop the design blueprint, conducting workshops to ensure project objectives are aligned with deliverables, software deployment, fine tune, integration and knowledge transfer.  HP Software can fit into any stages or any maturity of companies and we implement the following solution approach mapping to HP Software, please check on respective areas to find out more.

Visualize what are the underlying IT infrastructure to support your Business. The discovery mechanism covers the  asset, dependency and relationship of the asset too.


Build the service model that reflect the actual state of the business infrastructure and establish the KPI and linkage between IT and Line of Business. 

Once you have the visibility of the supporting IT infrastructure, you can  further define the business services which encompass of key supporting KPI (e.g. Availablity, Performance, Capacity and etc).

Business Service Management

Measure and report the health of the Business-IT infrastructure, monitor the IT service performance availability though KPI

IT Service Management

Managing incidents and changes, improve collaboaration and cultivate knowlegde sharing;  visualize, establish, measure the service level and continual service improvement.

Asset Management

Know what's in your company, data center, branches/store, know what should and what shouldnt' within the organization, ownership, maximize existing assets and avoid unnecessary expenses

Application Testing Management

Test your business-IT infrastructure with a set of autmated tool, based on what was discovered, defined and built. Establish a consistent and proactive mechanism to ensure the health of the Business IT infrastructure and services.


Discovery - Define - Build
HP Universal Discovery (UD) software combines the automations of inventory discovery and dependency mapping. Universal discovery assists with incident management, problem management and change management, as well as asset management.
HP UD dynamically discover and continuously map IT hardware inventory and service dependencies, it populates within a single repository - HP Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB), to create an accurate model of the IT environment.


HP UCMDB Configuration Manager (UCMDB-CM) helps IT establish configuration standards and policies that improve the stability of the environment and enable delivery of standardized services. It also provides the ability to better manage and control the data in the UCMDB, such as allowing the authorization of changes to the data, or establishing policies that enforce geo-redundancy for selected applications, thereby ensuring a higher quality of data for consumers of the UCMDB. This all provides for more effective change management, helps reduce risk of outages, prevents configuration drift, and saves IT staff time and ultimately the organization money.


With the discovered and defined foundation, IT can build the service model that map according to the business services. With this capability, not only IT can monitor, manage and support the business infrastructure as nearest to business expectation; IT can react to the situation before things start to impact the business-infrastrucure.


Application LifeCycle Management (ALM)

Today's application development environment demands the guidance of a modern application lifecycle management system; this is HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). CIOs and other IT leaders are responsible for ensuring the overall success, integrity, reliability and security of end-to-end business processes. That's not new.


But what is new is that increasingly those business processes tie together multiple services, some of which are on premise, but others of which are outside the four walls of the data center - in public clouds, SaaS providers or private clouds. IT leaders must be able to see, understand and act in this increasingly hybrid world - which requires a degree of up-to-the second insight and automation not previously required.


Adding to the complexity is the fact that we all as consumers are bringing our favorite mobile devices-and apps-into the workplace. Within the lines of business, we're also contracting with our favorite SaaS providers when we get impatient with the IT organization's speed to delivery. And yet we want to hold IT responsible when there's a failure or a security breach or a loss of data. So the pressure on IT continues to mount.

And to top it off, there's the continuing tension for IT to maintain the consistency and reliability of operations, while being quick to meet the changing needs of the enterprise.


 HP ALM Site

Functional Testing Tool

HP Functional Testing software combines HP's functional testing products, HP QuickTest Professional™ software and HP WinRunner™ software, to deliver the industry's most complete solution for functional and regression test automation — with support for every enterprise software application and environment. 


 HP UTF Site

LoadRunner Application 

HP LoadRunner software is the industry-standard performance testing solution for predicting system scalability, behavior, and performance. HP LoadRunner software lets you obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance; verify that new or upgraded applications meet specified performance requirements; and identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks during the development/quality lifecycle. It exercises an application infrastructure by emulating thousands of virtual users and employs performance monitors to identify and isolate performance bottlenecks across and within each tier.


 HP LoadRunner Site

Performance Test

Business Service Management

The HP Business Service Management (BSM) solution gives IT organizations the ability to integrate network, server, application, service and business transaction monitoring and event management for comprehensive bottom-up, top-down performance management. By connecting business services to underlying infrastructure and applications, BSM enables IT organizations to pinpoint and resolve service outages with the most impact, resulting in better quality of services at a lower cost to the business.



System Management 

HP offers a wide range of tools to allow customers to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize infrastructure whether it is physical, virtualized or in the cloud. Some of these products are agent-based and others are agentless. There are also some tools offered for faster, easier deployment. This provides you with many options for providing your customers with the tools they need to cost-effectively and efficiently manage their operations.


 HP Systems Management Site

Network Management

Are your customers' network engineering and operations teams lost, dazed, and confused? Are they using different point tools for monitoring and analysis of their networks? Is there little to no automation when it comes to monitoring and managing their networks?

Consider this a sales opportunity! Sell them one or several components from HP's Network Management Center, which offers a set of integrated solutions that enhance network performance and availability. These products improve resource utilization, allowing your customers' network management teams to provide secure, compliant networks, while meeting service level agreements and cost objectives.


 HP Network Management Site

Storage Management

HP Storage Essentials provides auto-discovery, topology visualization, capacity and performance monitoring, chargeback, application correlation, provisioning, and backup reporting. You've got all that, and more, with HP Storage Essentials Storage Resource Management (SRM) software.



 HP Storage Essentials Site


Application Performance Management Software

HP Application Performance Management (APM) keeps your business healthy by monitoring applications across traditional, mobile, virtual and cloud environments. It provides insight into every transaction, for quick resolution of application issues and helps reduce costs by using a common tool in pre-production and production. APM improves application performance by monitoring end-user experience and aligning IT performance with business goals and objectives. Detailed diagnostics and real-time topology based analytics improve application quality.


APM provides IT with the ability to:

  • View 360° service health of application performance and availability

  • Trace real user transactions across application tiers to speed resolution times

  • Measure end-user experience using repeatable transactions from multiple locations

  • Gain deep application insights for fast problem isolation and issue resolution

  • Shared scripting across testing and operations for higher quality application


 HP APM Site

IT Service Management (ITSM)

HP Service Management solution is core to an ITSM implementation, automating and streamlining the delivery and support of quality IT services that meet the needs of the business. Service Management Center provides the following benefits to customers:


  • Drive rapid tactical and strategic decisions based on quantitative business intelligence

  • Automate, manage and enforce key IT processes across process domains

  • Manage the full lifecycle of IT Assets

  • Enable the complete financial management of IT

  • Allow control and visibility into the change management process




Asset Management 

HP Service Management solution is core to an ITSM implementation, automating and streamlining the delivery and support of quality IT services that meet the needs of the business. Service Management Center provides the following benefits to customers:

  • Drive rapid tactical and strategic decisions based on quantitative business intelligence

  • Automate, manage and enforce key IT processes across process domains

  • Manage the full lifecycle of IT Assets

  • Enable the complete financial management of IT

  • Allow control and visibility into the change management process


 HP Asset Manager Site

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