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IT Infrastructure Solution

Design, build and expand your IT infrastructure through our comprehensive experiences. 
Whether you need a quick start-up, expand the existing capacity or large scale heterogenous system infrastructure to support your business, we can help you to plan, design and deploy the right system (i.e. Intel, Itanium, PA-RISC, Blade system, storage, networking).


Through our experience pre/post-sales consultants, you can expect more from us! We provide advise on the facility requirement such as power, network infrastructure, datacenter space, UPS requirement to application usage such as email, database, web application and data protection; i.e.  backup & recovery, high availability configuration and disaster recovery setup.

Optimizing the infrastructure resources is one of the key performances measurement for many IT organizations. This can be achieved through infrastructure virtualization and consolidation. 


This initiative reduce organization IT's operation cost, simplify management, achieve fast ROI and establish agile computing environment to support the business. 

Start your IPv4/IPv6 network infrastructure and services with the right management tool. Based on Alcatel VitalQIP, you can design and implement network, whether it is wired or non-wired environment with minimum time, build  a high performance and resilience network services - DNS & DHCP through one common platform. 


ALU VitalQIP is a strategic element in today's complex networking scenario, it complements network virtualization and security implementation, it facilitates MDM (Mobile Device Management), VDI (Virtual Deskop), remote access and BYOD initiative. 



Data is alwasy increasing, with the new techology and business trend, the data growth is accelerated , the situation is further complicated by data retention regulatory compliance. 


Backing up data is half the story. Hence, implementing data protection requires holistic approach, understanding organization's RPO/RTO, classfy the data and assess the IT infrastructure. 



Cutting down repetition tasks, shorten the approval processes, reduce manual work and eliminate human errors, standardize and accelerate IT services delivery through an advanced automation engine and self-service portal - New and better way to manage IT operation and improve efficiency.
Automate your IT Operation through HP Automation & Orchestration Software. 


IT Enterprise Management Solution

A suite of software solution that help organization establish measurebale Business-IT objectives and align IT to support business better. 
Based on ITIL best practices, IT Service Management (ITSM) ensure the right people are working on the right incidents in the right order. ITSM drive IT problem solving efficiency across and ensure IT’s respond follow standard operating procedures which result is faster problem resolution and proactively monitor the services level to guarantee expected performance.


Solution Components:

  • Initial ITIL Gap Analysis Services

  • HP Service Manager / SAW Software and Professeional Services


Application Performance Management (APM) enables IT to visualize the overall health of the infrastructure, from devices, end user to network, system, application, database and the business transaction. It prevent the potential system outages by proactively monitor the system availability and performance. APM speed up the problem discovery and resolution.


Solution Components:

  • Infrastructure Management 

  • End User Management

  • Business Transaction Management

Performance Testing ensures the system is fully tested before rolling out to production. Through the series of automate testing mechanism, IT can visualize the behavior of the system, the amount of load/request the system can handle and the accuracy (or error) of the system. APT adds the quality check and predictability on the overall system development. This ensures the final system is able to perform and meeting service level.


Solution Components:

  • Load Test Professional Services

  • Performance Test Software (LoadRunner)

BSM give IT organization ability to integrate networks, server, applications, services and business transcations monitoring and event management for comprehensve bottom-up, top-down performance management.
By connecting business services to underlying infrastructure and application, BSM enable IT organization to pinpoint and resolve service outages with most impact, resulting in better quality services at lower cost of business.


Solution Components:

  • HP Business Service Management


Suite of products that help enterprise manage application for predictability, agility quality, visibility, consistency and simplicity across application develop lifecycle. Starting from capturing business requirement, defect management, test management and execution and Reporting.


Solution Components:

  • HP Application Lifecycle Management


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