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IT Infrastructure Solution 

Over the years, we have built our project experiences and competency in respective IT infrastructure areas; we are authorized products and service delivery partners for technology leaders such as HP, VMware and Alcatel-Lucent. Combining the best of breed technology, we offer a comprehensive solution choices as well as achieving well balanced solution in meeting customer's requirement, budget and goals. 


We have structured the following solution map to help you start the IT infrastructure journey:

The design stage comprises of products and solutions that help you design and plan for your IT infrastrcture project.


Building the solution including the component such as server, storage, networking and software.

A set of  management software solution to simplify day-to-day IT administration and operation. Built-in with analytic engine to monitor your IT infrastructure workload and unique discovery features that ensure you have the full visbility about the IT Infrastructure.

Taking the IT infrastructure to high level, transform your IT infrastructure by offerings it as a service, design your IT infrastructure service and provision it within minutes to meet dynamic business demand,  productize your IT service through self-service catalog - An entry point to start your cloud journey.

Protect your IT infrastructure data with end-to-end backup and recovery solution. Combining best of breed technology, flexible deployment and available in both software/ hardware platform to meet your organization's RPO and RTO.  


Enterprise Server and Storage System

We provide comprehensive HP enterprise server and storage system for your strategic IT initiative and on-going IT projects. Many organization facing the challenges on selecting the right server and storage platform, the sever computing power and storage capacity are far more advanced and can deliver more with less (less data center space, less power consumption, less cables and etc). We have more than 10 years in delivering IT infrastrcture solution and services, we worked with organization across industries (i.e manufacturing, telco, financial, commercial) plus we arer HP authorized and certified ServiceOne partner when come to IT infrastructure deployment.  Our experiences can be value to you where we can balance the functions and benefits against your IT organization goals. Click on the link left to find out more about our infrastructure Solution Templates. 



Consolidation & Virtualization 

System consolidation bring a lot of immediate benefits to IT organization, leverage on advanced and high performance technology today, IT can reduce existing data center footprint such as reduce servers and storage system, which in turn reducing the power consumptions, cooling power, cablings and accessories. The overall infrastrcture management is also simplified. (since overall data center footprint are reduced).

One of the simple way of carrying out system consolidation is compacting existing servers with higher memory density, CPU and internal disk, adding the hypervisor to "dilute" the system resources for flexible usage.


Virtualization allow IT to "reclaim" existing un-ultilized system resources, maximize the full capacity of system resources and hence saving potential recurring hardware cost. Perhaps the most significant benefits is providing the agility to IT to execute and manage day to day IT operation, supporting and enabling today dynamic business. 


For businesses looking for the advantages of converged infrastructure - simplified and consistent management across servers, storage and networking. 


Server Management - OneView

HP OneView is powerful converged management that eliminates infrastructure complexity with automation simplicity. Its software-defined approach transforms the everyday management of server, storage, and network resources in physical and virtual environments. As a common platform, HP OneView helps IT teams capture best-practices, processes, and configurations. It shifts the management focus from ‘devices’ to ‘how people work’ for “get it right” repeatability every time. As an intelligent automation hub, it provides out-of-the-box integration with HP, VMware, Microsoft, and Red Hat solutions while preserving the ability for custom integration with your other management products. This innovative management platform reduces OpEx and improves agility to free up your resources for new business initiatives. 

HP OneView can help you transition from your current infrastructure, tools, and processes to your IT-as-a-Service future on your path to the hybrid cloud.   


HP OneView Site

Storage Management - Storage Essential 

HP Storage Essentials provides auto-discovery, topology visualization, capacity and performance monitoring, chargeback, application correlation, provisioning, and backup reporting. You've got all that, and more, with HP Storage Essentials Storage Resource Management (SRM) software.


HP Storage Essential Site



Server Automation 

HP Server Automation offers a complete lifecycle management solution for servers, allowing clients to standardize, consolidate and automate server operations in their Hybrid Data Center. HP Server Automation provides a single solution for OS Provisioning, Security Patch Management, Audit and Compliance, Software deployment, configuration management, across Windows, Linux, Unix and covering both physical and virtual platforms. Start realizing the benefits of IT automation in a matter of hours with the latest 10.0 release of HP Server Automation.


Server Automation Site



Network Automation 

HP Network Automation delivers real-time visibility, automation and control of your ever-changing network, allowing you to improve security, achieve network compliance and realize measurable cost savings. Ranked by IDC as the #1 NCCM solution, HP Network Automation immediately addresses critical IT issues by simplifying the management of complex, distributed, multi-vendor networks.


Network Automation Site


Operation Ochestration 

HP Operations Orchestration is a next generation IT Process Automation solution that is designed from the ground up to increase automation adoption whether in a traditional data center or hybrid cloud environment. It provides the perfect choice for automating your IT tasks, operations and processes and is not just limited to run book automation. It also provides the most comprehensive integration capabilities and out-of-box content across multiple IT domains such as virtualization, Cloud, SAP orchestration and Security Ops.


Operation Ochestration Site


Cloud Service Automation 

HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) offers a set of core features and a broad set of complimentary optional integration modules that allows enterprise IT to manage the lifecycle of services across private and hybrid clouds.


Modern user experience

  • Service Marketplace—easy-to-use self-service portal for ordering and managing cloud service subscriptions, featuring support for custom themes, UI mash-up capabilities, and a clean, modern responsive interface that automatically adjusts for different screen sizes and device types.

  • Advanced modeling tools supporting TOSCA standards—design simple infrastructure or advanced multi-tiered applications services, as well as topology-based infrastructure designs for HP Cloud OS


Secure, enterprise-grade, unified service managemen

  • Comprehensive service management—provide security, compliance, resource management, and monitoring by leveraging HP’s deep expertise in operations managemen

  • Multi-tenancy—provide secure services to multiple organization

  • High availability—eliminate single point of failure for business-critical applications by providing redundancy and fail-over suppor

  • Virtual and physical server support—provision cloud services on virtualized server environments or physical servers


Open, extensible architecture

  • Multi-vendor hardware support—provision cloud services on HP or non-HP servers, storage, and networking equipmen

  • Extended flexibility—provide support for multiple hypervisors and public cloud services, such as HP Public Cloud, Microsoft Windows Azure, and Amazon EC2.

  • Pre-built platform services—automate provisioning of platform services such as Oracle database, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, and Microsoft SQL Server via integration with HP Database and Middleware Automation, as well as integrate with third-party products through public REST APIs




Backup and Recovery 




Backing The Data Center 


HP Data Protector Software

HP Data Protector is the industry's first Adaptive Backup and Recovery solution that uses an intelligent approach to data protection and management. Advanced integration with applications and infrastructure, and operational analytics to optimize backup and recovery process, help you to improve business continuity, and boost uptime within your IT environments. With HP Data Protector, you can centrally manage and protect critical data scattered across remote sites and data centers in physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Today, more than 45,000 customers worldwide use HP Data Protector software to safeguard their business information.


HP Data Protector Site



Speed up the backup & recovery

Disk-based backup solution that accelerate backup and rescovery time. HP StoreOnce has enhanced security and scalable capacity more than 100TB++ usable and up to 14TB/hour backup performance that meet the demands of the most challenging environments.


HP StoreOne Site



Disaster Recovery, Long Term Archive and Remote Storage 

For longer term storage, maintaining data retention and addressing data protection purposes, HP offer the wide range of tape backup system. In fact, tape backup is stilll one of the popular and most realible backup and recovery solution. Most organization still incorporate tape backup as part of their disaster recovery and business continuity strategy. 


HP StoreEver Tape  Site

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