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Sharing of Published Workaround Information to Incident

A mature organization should have their ITIL Processes highly integrated. In other words, the output of one process should be easily make available for an input of another process.

In HP Service Manager, you can see that this feature or functionality is built into some of inter-process integration. Let look at the Workaround information in Problem Management.

In Known Error process and during Know Error Investigation activity, after a workaround is found and you record it in the Workaround field, this information will also get publish to the incident’s activity section for those incidents that are related to known error record. This is a significant information to incident team during their incident resolution activity and it helps in quicker resolution of an incident.

Technically how this information is passed during Problem Record update activity to Incident Management? HP Service Manager allows you to define inter-operability events and actions. To define event or trigger event when an update to Known Error records, you define in a table called ioevents. In the ioevents table, you define what file/table that the given ioevents is attached to like cm3r, incidents, probsummary etc. You then define what actions to perform whenever the condition is met like when the Workaround field is filled with a value.

The Actions defined in ioevents are correspond to an entry in ioactions. The ioactions are your execution logic and you could build javascript to perform actions. For example, whenever the Workaround field in Known Error is populated, there will be an action to create an entry to Incident’s Activity Update.

To access to ioevents and ioactions; • Type db command, search for “ioevents” table • Type db comand, search for “ioactions” table

As part of information gathering session, we should also be asking what are customer inputs and outputs for a process and record those outputs that require action like update/add/delete to another process.

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