Business Service Definition

Business Service Definition describes an IT Service Offering to a business. Business Service is an abstract that produces and supports by IT using a set technologies that consumes by business users with tangible values. It defines how business is expecting to use the IT technologies in fulfilling its business needs with an agreed deliverables by IT without the needs to know the complexities of underlying infrastructure. Business Service is also a share term used by both business and IT. Let’s take banking industry as an example to elaborate about business service, as banking industry is heavily dependents on IT as an enabler for its business. Prior to 1980, internet banking is not common. To

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

WMI is one of the common way used to monitor and discover Windows System. In many customers control environment, we always face with connectivity issue like target is not responsive even though the requested listening port is make available at the firewall. We first need to understand how WMI handles the communications between 2 parties or systems. WMI uses Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service that listening on port 135. In response to a RPC request, RPC dynamic port allocation will instruct the RPC program to use a particular random port above 1024. This explains why in some of the customer cases, even though port 135 is opened but yet the monitoring or discovery tool is still NOT able to co

Service Modelling

Using HP Software - CMS, to develop your critical IT business model. This will enable you to visualize what are the dependancy surrounding your IT business, undelaying IT infrastrcture such as server, storage and network, to operating system resources, residual software, application and etc.

Sharing of Published Workaround Information to Incident

A mature organization should have their ITIL Processes highly integrated. In other words, the output of one process should be easily make available for an input of another process. In HP Service Manager, you can see that this feature or functionality is built into some of inter-process integration. Let look at the Workaround information in Problem Management. In Known Error process and during Know Error Investigation activity, after a workaround is found and you record it in the Workaround field, this information will also get publish to the incident’s activity section for those incidents that are related to known error record. This is a significant information to incident team during their

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